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About us

This hub is borne out of a quest to find solutions to the perennial problems of youth unemployment and the difficulty in accessing funds to drive entrepreneurial ideas. The hub is designed to empower both graduates and undergraduates, so they can thrive in their areas of expertise. The ripple effect from a hub such as this will manifest itself in the forms of youth empowerment, crisis prevention, job creation and even increased GDP for our nation.

Core Value/Objectives

Artisan Hub Synergy limited is geared towards promoting ideas and services that will encourage and empower youths and entrepreneurs on THE ARTISAN Africa Hub.

The Goal

Empowering and mentoring our target demographic population i.e. unemployed youths, graduates, apprentices with skill acquisition, making them self-sufficient entrepreneurs with the sole purpose of thriving in todays global economy.

Program & Events

Seminars & Exhibitions

The Artisan Hub Synergy would organize seminars and exhibitions in partnership with stakeholders such as fashion houses, media firms, Telcos, filmmakers, photographers, artists and craftsmen.

Speakers will range from business owners, SME’s, and Professionals in different areas of artistry across Nigeria and across the globe. We intend to use this medium to educate and inspire Artisans, giving them access to possible investors and business opportunities.

The Artisan Reality TV Show

The need for visual media in the promotion of artistries cannot be overemphasized. There are so many TV reality shows with little or no economic value, just pure entertainment.

TV edutainment show COMING SOON!!!

(empowerment and mentorship)

The Artisan Website and Mobile App are platforms where subscribed Artisans would gain strategic knowledge and business tips that would help them thrive in their areas of expertise.

Artisans can subscribe to these platforms on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to be mentored and to stand a chance of winning a business start up funds on a monthly promotional lottery draws.

The Artisan Marketplace Quarterly
(music / picnic / trading / shopping)

The Artisan Market Place (AMP) would be organized quarterly to promote Artisans on our platforms. A pop-up market where participants would display their skills and products for the purpose of trading.

We intend to make the AMP fun and entertaining as we know the demography we are dealing with are between the ages of 18 to 45years.


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