The Artisan Profile Challenge for the Month of May

Since the Artisan Hub launched its first Empowerment promo last year December, we have since empowered 14 Artisans, a selection process that involves various criteria in which the top Artisans get rewarded for excelling in their various fields.

In April 2020, we started implementing a project that will run through the entire Calendar year, starting with “The Artisan Profile Challenge” in the month of May. This in other words is a weekly challenge where Artisans are encouraged to complete their professional profiles on our Community hub, by so doing people are able to view their various craftsmanship on our platform, creating opportunities for a larger clientele base. We select a winner every week, as the Artisan of the week! They get rewards in cash and gift items, as well as promotions on our social media platforms, inclusive of Sponsored Ads on Instagram & Facebook, this we believe helps build more awareness for their businesses.

Initially, we had challenges with Artisans not knowing what to do to engage on the platform. While their creativity has never been in question, how to navigate their creativity into entrepreneurial development is where we aim to achieve our goals, which has lead us to create an all-year-round calendar for tasks, where Artisans are given opportunities weekly to enhance themselves through various challenges and get rewarded in return.