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Footprint X Music Design Concept!

I was challenged to do this design. I thought of what to do taking into consideration the present situation of the world. The pandemic brought about the need for Social Distancing & all that it is. I thought of what to use to represent people, i came up with the individual footprints. The distance between the footprints on the fabric in my own way explains keeping a distance, one of the precautionary measures of staying safe as stated by the health authorities. I thought of what will help social distancing not become overwhelming & manageable.

I know how powerful Music is to the soul & body. Music is therapeutic & you’ll agree with me that music does a lot to oneself.  Music soothes the mind. Whichever genre of music you prefer, it’s relieving to listen to music & not loose touch of happenings around us. .

I also considered colours, what they mean , represent & express. 

The Orange colour is an expression of Freedom, freedom to be whatever you want to be, Yellow colour expressing energy, awakened mood & relaxed mind, Green colour expressing nature & growth, revitalizing our mind & body as we grow. 

The cracky black in the background expressing Authority & associated with mystery, just as we unlock mysteries with the  help to the Holy Spirit, we are responsible for our lives & what we become. 

Design made with 100% cotton fabric. 

Available on pre-order only! 

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“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”

The Holy Bible


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We make unique souvenirs, all inspired African prints designs to gift your family ,friends, colleagues & customers at that special event.

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We design custom prints based on your design specifications. Give a try, we’re sure to deliver.

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We design branded Adire T-shirts for your organization, campaign or event.

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Sneak peak of my textile design process

Here is what goes behind the scene in the design & production of our Àdìre Custom print designs. Click the link to see a brief summary. Kindly drop your comments as well. Thanks

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About me

Rachael Ogundare

Creative Director

I am a female Craftpreneur & textile designer(Àdìre) based in Lagos State.I am a Psychology graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University. I am a trained textile designer & entrepreneur. I love crafts. I love to create things with my hands. I am the Creative Director & Founder of Sisi Ray Creationz.

Sisi Ray Creationz is an indigenous afrocentric brand centred on promoting African culture with our products made with African fabrics- Ankara and Àdìre (Tie dye & Batik).

At Sisi Ray Creationz, we indulge in designing fabrics  & making fashionable accessories & home decor  crafted pieces. We design àdìre fabrics for fashion outfits, sell to retailers & end users & create Afro-inspired accessories & wears.


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