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Seminars & Exhibitions

The African Artisan Summit & Expo 2020 would focus on promoting the need to structure the Artisan demography, create a Pan Africa awareness on the need to redesign the informal sector, structure it and make it financially inclusive which would result in sustainable job creation and self empowerment.

For instance, the Nigeria’s informal economy accounts for 65% of GDP and up to 90 percent of jobs outside agriculture are in the informal sector, including household enterprises that are not formally registered – IMF.

Hence, the need to create a forum where all stakeholders would be invited to speak and deliberate on the best way to restructure Artisans with the aim of providing a sustainable solution that would in the end make the sector more lucrative, profitable and sustainable for the future we want in Africa.

The 2020 Maiden Edition has been theme:



The Artisan Reality TV Show

The need for visual media in the promotion of artistries cannot be overemphasized. There are so many TV reality shows with little or no economic value, just pure entertainment.

TV edutainment show COMING SOON!!!


VALUE ADDED SERVICES & PROMOTIONS (empowerment and mentorship)

The Artisan Hub website and mobile application are platforms were subscribed Artisans gain strategic knowledge and business tips on how to help them thrive in their areas of expertise.

Artisans can subscribe to this Hub on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis to be mentored and also stand a chance of winning business startup funds on a monthly promotional cash prize drawing.


The Artisan Marketplace Quarterly (music / picnic / trading / shopping)

The Artisan Market Place (AMP) is organized quarterly to promote Artisans on our platform. The Artisan Market Hub is a pop-up market space where participants would display their skills and showcase their products for the purpose of trading. 

The Artisan Market Place (AMP) is entertaining and engaging as we focus on networking between our target audience of 18 to 45 years.

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